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Robin Sheets-Hoffman


"PTP is sent from Heaven. PT for bladder pain has been the most helpful treatment yet." 

Dawn Love


"Hands down the best PTs in Reno!! I had a knee replacement on Feb 26, 2016. Boyd and his staff have worked wonders getting me back up on my feet and back to work in less than six weeks. They not only helped me with my knee, but my back went out during the rehab process, and they got me up and walking straight again. Thanks to Sheryl and her staff. "

Ardath Tyler 


"Super evaluator. Extremely thorough & simply the best & most knowledgeable pro ever. Hands on instead of saying, use this or that machine." At age 80 & having been to many PTs go see the best, Boyd Etter!!!"

"Dr. Johnson is a very knowledgeable therapist, helped me with what I thought was a pulled hamstring but was actually from my back. Thanks for all the help. You are awesome!! If you live in Fernley, I recommend going and seeing him!"

"Dr. Johnson and his team are friendly, prompt and caring! The office is warm and inviting. They are very knowledgeable in their field and what surgeries their patients have had! I actually enjoy my appointments instead of dreading them like past P.T.s!"

"My third stint with Boyd... I come in thinking it's one thing and in a few short minutes I find out what it really is. He's intuitive, warm, funny and spectacularly talented. His willingness to teach students means more qualified practitioners out there. Don't hesitate to schedule an appointment even though I hate the thought of sharing him! "

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Senior Physiotherapy
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